I'm Making DrumPerfect Pro Videos

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I'm Making DrumPerfect Pro Videos

Postby Reid » Thu Apr 21, 2016 12:26 pm

After a lot of discussion on the Audiobus Forum http://bit.ly/1qEPz6h I realized that people are intrigued by the app but most haven't taken the time to learn how to use it. And I've had a lot of issues that I've sorted out through trial and error.
So I've decided to make some videos. The first two are up on the forum already. They are just introductory, and probably won't have anything new for anybody on this forum. But I think they will start to get more helpful with the next one.

I've figured a way to do the videos so they can be revised later if I make mistakes or if there are changes in the program. I will definitely be using the videos as a forum for suggesting how I think the program should be updated.

I think DrumPerfect Pro is one of the best iPad music apps in the store. There are some bugs, but the big thing it needs is to be is easier to use. When that happens I think it will become groundbreakinig not only for iPad musicians, but for anybody who is making music electronically.

You can always find my latest list of videos on the Audiobus Forum link above. If people want me to, I can post here every time I create a new one.

My 5 Favorite Things About DrumPerfect Pro

Tutorial #1: The Views
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Re: I'm Making DrumPerfect Pro Videos

Postby danhedonia » Mon Jul 18, 2016 4:47 pm

Sorry if this is a threadjack - traffic here seems quite low.

I agree that DP is a great musical tool, and also agree that it needs to become easier to use. The videos are a help - but there are basic aspects of the app that should be addressed, like the interface and the supporting documentation. Failing to do this means that another app will simply 'get those things right' and users will move on.

It would be encouraging to see DP expand as an organization.
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