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Last Two Cents

Postby ZenLizard » Mon Mar 03, 2014 8:34 pm

@Marinus, I hope I haven't become annoying, and I promise I'll give you (and everyone else here) a break after this, but I have some more suggestions that I think users will find important. I wouldn't be such a pain if DrumPerfect wasn't so fabulous to begin with.

1) Option to turn OFF rendering copies of track files to the iTunes /rendered folder when exporting. I'd rather just split up the sequential instrument file. the inserted sine wave marker makes it super easy to do in a decent DAW (using snap to samples). It's a pain in the butt needing to keep syncing with iTunes. Those files eat up storage space fast.

2) Option to render mono tracks to Audiocopy, AudioShare, and DropBox when using multiple track export. If pan settings for each instrument were auto-centered (to avoid reduced volume levels) before the render, it would be even better.

3) In addition to inserting patterns before or after the current pattern in song mode, allow users to replace the currently 'highlighted' pattern - erasing what was there, making it much easier to swap out patterns. Unless I am mistaken, right now one has to first delete the pattern and then insert the new pattern, or insert the new pattern and then delete the old one from the song sequence. A replace feature would accomplish it in one step.

4) Option to play the song (or a looped portion) when in pattern edit mode. Sometimes it is easier to work on a single pattern while hearing it in context.

5) Pattern grouping to make song assembly faster.

That's it. I'm not going to bother you with any more suggestions. Hopefully these are on the list or at least the reasons for them are self evident. I won't complain if some of it isn't even possible, or desirable to you, especially since the choke/pedal feature is a much higher priority, in my opinion.
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Re: Last Two Cents

Postby Marinus » Mon Mar 03, 2014 9:36 pm

@ZenLizard: Thanks for these great suggestions! I'll definitely consider them in the near future.
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