DrumPerfect Pro v2.22 - Less than perfect...

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DrumPerfect Pro v2.22 - Less than perfect...

Postby ambdesign » Wed Dec 20, 2017 11:53 am

...at the moment.

I have recently had problems with exporting songs to GarageBand an issue that left me extremely frustrated.
The cause for my frustration is the fact that the exported file is very distorted. It all started with random beats, mostly cymbals and hi-hats appear choked when I listen to "arrangements" in the song view. Starngely this could not be heard when I played a song in the mixer view.

Now I have not used DPP for a week and when I started the app, to my astonishment my custom kits are gone, the Garagekit is gone, my purchase of Rock Drums is gone.

I have been able to restore the purchase but my custom kits and the Garage kit are still gone.

Best regards
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