Integrating BandHelper and DrumPerfect Pro

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Integrating BandHelper and DrumPerfect Pro

Postby Dov64 » Sun Mar 18, 2018 10:59 am

I wanted to integrate BandHelper (“BH”) and DrumPerfect Pro (“DPP”) so that when I select a song from a BandHelper set list, the drum pattern and kit are selected, and the beat starts. I expected BH to set the Tempo via Ableton Link.

Intially, DPP responded only to Program Changes messages (select Kit and Pattern), but not Control Change (Swing, Trigger, Start/Stop, etc). Ableton worked right away to set my Tempo.

After experimenting for a while, I found a configuration that works seemingly 100% reliably:
1) In DPP, enable only the DrumPerfect virtual “MIDI destination” on a specific channel (I chose 10).
2) In DPP, disable all the corresponding “MIDI source” options, including “Network Session 1” and “BandHelper”.
3) In BH, create a MIDI Device with Port All (Arlo, developer of BH, recommended so changes on the other side don’t cause a problem) and your DPP channel.

Voila, completely reliable control of DrumPerfect Pro!

Now all we need is MIDI selection of songs (random access please!) and navigation within songs.
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