DrumPerfect Pro - the drum machine that brings real sounding drums to your iPad

DrumPerfect Pro is one of the most realistically sounding virtual drummer apps on the AppStore! Experience the sound of drum kits with 16 multi-sampled instruments, each of which can consist of samples in up to 8 velocity levels.

Smart Swing, Jam! Dynamics, configurable Humanise options, Laidback timing option, Snare buzz and Hi-hat emulation are only a few of the functions in DrumPerfect Pro that make this app sound like a real drummer.

Every drum stroke in a pattern of arbitrary time signature has its own individual settings for velocity, probability and micro-timing within the pattern grid. Powerful editing options and functions such as Pattern Merge and Append make creating variations and combinations of existing patterns a breeze.

Excellent connectivity within the iOS ecosystem guarantees seamless integration with other apps: support for incoming Midi clock with transport control, Inter-App-Audio with transport control, Audiobus and Ableton Link sync with start/stop control. Midi file import and Midi file export. Support of the Files app and Document Picker to store to and load from cloud storage. DrumPerfect Pro features DrumPerfect Player, an auv3 audio unit to be used in auv3 hosts such as AUM and Audiobus.

Individual outputs per instruments via Inter-App-Audio and Audiobus, as well as via stem export.

DrumPerfect Pro features a store with additional sound packs in many different styles, carefully handcrafted by artist Gilbert Medam.

Examples of audio tracks created with DrumPerfect Pro can be found here.

Some tutorial and demonstration videos can be found here.

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Marinus J.G. van de Molengraft